​'Himaya'; We have all experienced it. It’s that feeling of subtle bliss and inner joy that graces our consciousness in small and fleeting moments; dim memories that now flutter like a shadow on water, or a handful of sand impossible to grasp. At these times, when we feel the presence of Himaya, we are also reminded of the more tangible and often darker feel of the present.

​​Dark Himaya convey all these feelings through music which has influences from artists who also go beyond being genre-specific like Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush and The Pixies and some sort of amalgam of Jazz, an ‘80s feel and the dark grunginess of the early ‘90s.

We bring together lyrics that express the melancholic truth about being human, expressive yet ambient guitars, atmospheric synth sounds and deep melodious bass notes with pulsing heartbeat of the drums, tied together creates music that will bring your soul to places forgotten.

​Dark Himaya was formed in April 2009


Members are: 

Ivy - Vox and Guitar
Alejandro - Bass

Rob - Guitar
Driek - Drums

Furthermore our extended family... 

Cory on Bass

Rafael on Bass
Martin on Drums

Magnus on Drums

Our official album is on sale as well (both are priced at HK$100)​. Place your orders at our "Contact Us" page or email us at darkhimaya@gmail.com. Also, our official album is now available for sale online at this link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darkhimaya1

​Album sleeve preview:


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